Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Working spots for Leach clinic have filled with a waiting list.  Only auditor spots are now available.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

August 26 - 27, 2017

This seminar will follow the general format below:
-Breakfast 7:30-8
-Work starts promptly at 8 so we can avoid the heat of the day as much as possible.
Each handler should be able to articulate their skill and working level, both for themselves
and the dog they are working.
-Auditors are invited to ask questions, take notes and participate in the learning.

This seminar is limited to 8 working spots and 4 auditor spots per day. Entries will be
taken on a first received basis. The cost is $325 per working slot for both days.
Preference will be given to those signing up for both days. Should some 2-day spots not
be taken, then single day entries will be accepted off the priority wait list, still on a first
come first served basis, for $170/day Auditing will be $65 per day, or $115 for both days.
Closing date is August 11, 2017, after which refunds will be made ONLY if and when the
spot is filled.

Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Water will be provided each day.


I am actively competing and undergo every effort to update my knowledge, skills and training “tool kit.” When it comes to herding, I thrive on continuous learning. It is this learning that helps me build my ‘tool kit’ of training ideas and resources. As a student, you learn what I learn; I am committed to imparting my knowledge during lessons, clinics, seminars and almost every chance I get! Below I have listed  some of my noteworthy training, handling and titling accomplishments:
Shadybrook’s Callie Junior  – Australian Cattle Dog . Callie has completed all the beginner/started level in all the
herding programs, and is now training at the Intermediate level. She is my main farm dog and assistant while
teaching herding.
AOM Am/Can CH HCH WTCH Duwest Ride a Cowboy ASC HX, SDA, HRD3, HTD 2, ASCA, CGN  — Australian Cattle Dog . Leroy was my
double duley! He earned Dual Championships in both Canada & the USA (Herding & Conformation) At one year of age, he completed his CKC
Herding Started title in style – he completed his last two legs at the 2006 Canadian National Specialty in Ontario – winning the High Scoring Australian
Cattle Dog & Reserve High in Trial. In 2008, he was given an Award of Merit at the ACDCA National Specialty, in the USA.
WTCH HTCH HC Del’mar Downriver Sprite  – Border Collie.  Sprite competed in ISDS trials, and also completed her ASCA WTCH & AKC &
AHBA Herding Championships.
Am/Can CH Downriver Blue Jim OSC HA, HRD 3, HTD 2 , — Australian Shepherd  . This was my first ‘trial dog’, and when he achieved his CKC
“Open Stock Dog”, it was the highest achievable title in Canada. He finished his OSC on cattle in 1994. We went on to trial him in the AKC program
where he received his HS on sheep, with HIT, RHIT and 1st in class in every run that weekend (4 judges. BJ has received many HIT, RHIT
and High Scoring ACD scores in the CKC herding program. BJ was the first ACD in Canada to hold an Advanced Herding Title in any program!
Am/Can CH Wooleston Eliza Fraser CKC HA, SDA, AKC HIAsc, STDsc, HRD III  — Australian Cattle Dog.  Lizzie has gone on to be the 2nd
ACD ever (behind my BJ) to earn the ACDCC National Award of 'Working Dog Intermediate', #1 Herding ACD 2005 – ACDCC National Award and
again in 2006. We have recently found out that she was also #1 Herding ACD (all stock) in the USA – ACDCA 2006 award. That means, that in
2006, Lizzie was the #1 Herding ACD in North America!! I am very proud of what Lizzie and I have accomplished together!
Austlyn’s Country Star HI, HRD II, HTD2, CGN  – Australian Cattle Dog . Buck loved to compete and work stock. He easily completed his AKC &
CKC Herding Intermediate titles, and was working towards his advanced titles when a horrible accident took him away from me. He also completed
several ASCA & AHBA titles.
CH Maitland’s Nikola HS – Australian Cattle Dog . . Niki came to me from Texas to spend the summer learning to herd. She got her first CKC HS
leg with a HIT after working with her for 2 days!! Since then, she has completed her CKC HS, ASCA HS, AHBA JHD, and one leg of her AKC HS
with a HIT during the Spokane Herding Trials.
Downriver Night’n’Day HRDIII  – Border Collie.  At 3 years of age, I had trained and trailed her to receiver her Herding Ranch Dog III, Herding
Trial Dog III and I believe she now has her HTCH, (or is within one point). She works cattle, sheep and ducks. There has been only one ASCA
trial in British Columbia in the last 9 years. Pepsi competed in that trial on ducks and sheep, and achieved HIT Ducks, and High score overall.
Pepsi and I trial regularly in the BCSDA program as well.
There are several other dogs that I have handled for clients. These breeds include:
 Australian Cattle Dogs, German Shepherd Dogs, Rottweilers, Corgis, Belgian Terverns, Belgian Groenendaels, Belgian Malanois,
Norwegian Buhunds, Shetland Sheepdogs, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Australian Shepherds, Rough Collies, Bouvier des Flandres,
Border Collies, Doberman Pinchers, Standard Poodles, Miniature American Shepherds and Briards.

WORKING SPOT: $325/DAYS, ($170/day)
Teams working toward trial level work will gain the most from a working spot. Those still working on the ‘dance’ between the
dog/stock/handler would gain valuable experience auditing, but are also welcome to participate. Handlers may split a day spot
between two dogs, and may ask questions regarding other dogs. Until the interest level of this event is ascertained, we will limit to
one working spot per handler/day, however a second completed entry would be placed in a priority position on the wait list. Should
there be a tie in first received and both days, those currently working at the farm (rental or lessons) will have priority.

CLOSING IS August 11, 2017 after which refunds will be given if the spots can be filled.

Mail to: Joanne Williamson, Balgrae Dog Training, 13 Horne Homestead Rd Charlton MA 01507.
Make checks payable to “Balgrae Dog Training”


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Balgrae Dog Training Offers a 3-Day Seminar with renowned Herding Handler and Judge:

Double M Stockdogs

Join Molly at Balgrae for 1, 2 or 3 days of work to improve your ability to handle your dog!

Breakfast will be available for all participants from 8-9 am each day.  Work will start promptly at 9 with a skills course designed by Molly. Each handler will attempt to negotiate whatever portion of the course they wish, and will be video taped. The videos will be reviewed and discussed for learning opportunities, and, after lunch, each handler will work with Molly individually on strengthening their skills. Different skills will be highlighted each day, so those attending all three days will gain a succession of skills
that build upon each other and their dogs will gain with the consistent work. Auditors are invited to bring a video of themselves running their dog in one course (trial or practice) and participate in the critiques.

This seminar is limited to 10 working spots and 5 auditor spots per day. Entries will be accepted on a first received basis starting May 1. The cost is $150/day working spots, $280 for 2 days or $410 all three days.  Auditing will be $60 per day, or $150 for all three days. Closing date is June 1, 2017, after which refunds will be made ONLY if and when reserved spot is 

Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Water will be provided each day.

Molly started herding in California in 1989 after purchasing her first Aussie. With her experience in competitive equine events, her knowledge of livestock, and her training and trialing of numerousbreeds of herding dogs, she has acquired a wealth of information on training stock dogs. Molly purchased her first Border Collie in 1991, and immediately started competing in United States Border Collie Handlers Association (USBCHA) field competitions. She found this
venue to be very exciting and a true test for the breed.  When Molly moved to Arizona in 2000, there were not many field trials so she began to compete in AKC arena trials.  While she expected this venue to be easy after competing in USBCHA trials for years, she was surprised to find it very  challenging. On the first day of competition, she timed out on both cattle and sheep. The next day was much better with a  High In Trial win in the Advance Class on sheep, ducks and cattle with her dog, Murdoch.  Molly continues to compete in USBCHA field trials but also competes in AHBA, ASCA and AKC, and believes the true test for a handler and dog is versatility. Molly works with her own dogs, and also trains and trials client dogs.

She has worked with many breeds, including Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Belgian Tervuren,
Belgian Sheep Dogs, Australian Cattle Dogs, Cardigan Welsh Corgis, Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Bearded Collies, Shelties,
Berger Picards, Rottweilers and German Shepherds. She enjoys the diversity of the herding breeds and applying her
training methods differently, depending on both the breed and the temperament and drive of individual dogs.
Molly is an AKC, ASCA, AHBA and USBCHA Judge.

6 Dual Champions
12 Herding Champions
58 Herding Excellent Titles
65 Herding Intermediate Titles
70 + Herding Started Titles

5 Time USBCHA National Finalist Qualifier
Nursery, Cattle, Open
2012 BCSA National Herding Specialty
Invitational Herding Judge
AHA President, BCAZ Herding Director
Lifetime member to USBCHA Handlers Association
BCSA member

4 Time ASCA National Finalist Qualifier w/Top 10 Finishes
12 Champions titled in Excellent (most in 9 months)
Lifetime member to ASCA (over 28 years)


Please contact Joanne Williamson (balgrae@ix.netcom.com) to receive a flyer on this seminar.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Our new arrival

This is our new beardie "Rip". He just arrived!

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